Trough contacts I got friends with an international studfarm the Kossack Stud. 

Here it was that I learned more about riding, training, grooming and working in generally with horses. 
First jumping, dressage, eventing and later the Arabian Horse in all his glory.
Photography was already a hobby and so the two were combined. 
Due to the contacts with american photographers, with Arabian Horse Shoots. 
The interest in taking high quality  Photo’s was born. 
This of course for all kind of breeds. 
But the Arabians have a special place in my hart because they are a multi-purpose horse. 
Due to there stamina, hardness and character you will find them in dressage, jumping, eventing,
race track, endurance, western, carthorse, showring and as a family horse. 
And above all it’s a horse with a lot of expression, which makes the Arabian Horse an thankfull 
creature  to take Picture’s off. 
I hope that this home page gives you an impression of what kind of photos I take. 
If you are interested in having your beautifull horses photograved by me please contact me for more 
information about conditions and booking.